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My vision is to see to it that we move as a unite, we’re all are chosen ones. We all shall proceed to push our pen and let our first love be the death of us. This is what we love, who we are, and this is our entity. Everything in existence has been created. Before it was created, the blueprint has been forseen from the architecture’s mind. We’re art, we’re going to enrich minds, bodies, and souls, and pour out our spirit. We’re going to make the world even more prosperous. 

Isiah Gray

Lifestyle Music Coach

Be Your Own Hero

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Coaching Program

Our Coaching program is design to help you develope you own coaching experience and build your vison for you brand. 

Mentor Membership

Our mentor memebrship is for people who are looking for guidance on how to build and protect your vison.

Zealousee Crew

Our Community is designed provide the tools and services needed to build your brand on your own.

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