Zealousee is a company geared towards helping creative artist find their passion by building their own brand.

Dream Ambassador

Hello Dreamers!

My vision is to see to it that we move as a unite, we’re all are chosen ones. We all shall proceed to push our pen and let our first love be the death of us. This is what we love, who we are, and this is our entity. Everything in existence has been created. Before it was created, the blueprint has been forseen from the architecture’s mind. We’re art, we’re going to enrich minds, bodies, and souls, and pour out our spirit. We’re going to make the world even more prosperous. 


Creative Development Strategist

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Our services

Creative Development

Creative development will allow me to help you to have time to work with me so we can create your with for your life

Lifestyle Development Program

With our Lifestyle Development program you can create the lifestyle of your dreams by finding your professional calling and building the life of your dreams from the ground up by working with my team

Live Events

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$75 an hour/ session

Creative Development 10 hours

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Creative Development 5 hours

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Are you ready to redesign your lifestyle

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When you join our community you will have the support you need to create and build the life you have always dreamed of. Take back you life and show the world how rare you are. creating the life of you dreams will help support my visions.

Lifestyle Development Program

Lifestyle Tailoring

Social Community Collective (Groups)
Mentor program
  • Groups
  • Mentor Coaching Workshop
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Vanity Dream Website
  • Success Model Consulting
  • Access to our Support system

Lifestyle Concierge

Lifestyle Development Alliance ( 1 on 1 )
Mastermind Program
  • 1 on 1
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Lifestyle Tailor
  • Lifestyle Concerige
  • Victorian Lux Website
  • Access to our Support system

Lifestyle Coaching

Social Development Alliance
Influencer Program
  • Join our community
  • Dreamer Society Services
  • Events
  • Vanguard Site

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