Being a Better you helps builds a better us!!!

Growing up in the mean streets of New York and currently residing in Philadelphia, Yirelis has a vast knowledge and understanding of the correlation between the streets, art and the importance of expressing those feelings in a positive environment. With the desire to turn her passions for the arts, emotional healing and expression, Yirelis created the her company, What’s Your Realis. With the express idea of tapping into a persons inner desires, goals and dreams, she uses her company as a way of holistic cleansing, as well as, spiritual enlightenment for her clients. As a Holistic Quantum Strategist, she can help you to build the identity and frequency of your energy that you are looking to convey to the world so that you may blossom and bloom into the beautiful entrepreneur you were always 


Holistic and Brand Coach

Beauty is the gift we surrender through our love.


Nothing is impossible until you say I'm Posibble.


$75 an hour/ session


  • Holistic Coach 
  • Actress 
  • Photographer 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Copywriter 

Kid Yourself

Coming Soon

Peace is the Destiny of Harmony

Being a Better you helps builds a better us!!!

What's Your Real is ?

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