Who is Christopher Marc?

Long ago, in a realm of creativity, Christopher Marc was the guardian of dreams. He governed the dreams of many worlds during the era of the renaissance. He was the inspiration behind the Mona Lisa, he influenced the mind behind the 16th Chapel. He gave birth to the The Avant Garde movement to bring together the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Raphael, Donatello and many more. As the centuries passed and time slipped through the hour glass, dreams slowly faded and blew away with a push of the wind. We now live in a time where dreams are buried and creativity is imprisoned within the mind, and art is no longer royally revered but shunned and casted to the wayside as a foster child amongst society. 

Through the wails of dying dreams and crying thoughts, the universe has summoned a guardian to protect dreams once more, and to instill the fire of a thousand suns to not only inspire but to embody the angelic purity of inspiration. Christopher Marc has decided to take a stand as a protector of the artistic integrity of Dreamers all across the galaxy to unify all realms of creativity under one cosmic empire referred to as a Dreamer Society. As an advanced guard of dreams and creativity, he has taken the name given by dreamers as The Avant Garde of Arts, Christopher Marc.