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Welcome to  ÜberVûrs Advanced Arts where we help artist to develop their own coaching & Consulting  business Our mission is to help support artist so they can finally learn to turn their hobby/ passion into career where they can not only help better the lives of their fellow artist. 

As founder and CEO of ÜberVûrs Advanced Arts,   I seeks to use my classes and  Support team   push the arts to the forefront by expressing its importance in not only our personal lives but in our communities and our society at large. ÜberVûrs Advanced Arts does this by specializing in bringing all of the arts together in its various forms to express the complexity of emotions, the genius in creativity, human behavior and connectivity between us all, and the beauty of the arts as a undivided whole.

Kirkland Fluellen

Dream Letter

My name is Kirkland Fluellen, I was born and raised in North Philadelphia but have also lived in Jersey for a number of years as well. I’ve been an artist of many styles (music, drawing, painting, instruments, etc.) for as long as I can remember and plan on embracing as many forms of art as I can because a piece of each art form that’s out there has been apart of my life and has been instrumental to my development as a adult. I have been actively working on developing my musical talents to higher levels for the past 14 years and have also taken up music production.

Kirkland" Kay Runna" Fluellen

Creative Architectural Strategist
Lifestyle Tailor/ Lifestyle Concierge


Creative Architectural Strategist

We will help you come up with a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand combined with components of your company's character to make it identifiable.

Lifestyle Tailor

We will guide you to develop your own coaching program to support learners/clients to achieve their specific personal and professional goals by way of providing training and guidance in your area of expertise through your online school.

Lifestyle Concierge

We provide you with the necessary tools needed to build your very own consulting firm of experts that provide professional advice to an individual or organizations.

How to Turn your Hobby/ Passion Into a Career

Step 1

We Teach you how to take what you love and turn it into a Business. 

Step 4

We then build the identity of your brand by providing access to  our team of coaches, consultants, web developers, marketers,  sales team  influencers and lifestyle concierges. 

Step 2

We teach how to start your own coaching and consulting firm so that you can own 100% of your business.

Step 5

We provide you access to your own online mall where you can profit from grocery shopping, concerts, movies, traveling, and much more. You will then also learn how to become lifestyle concierge for your clients.

step 3

We then help you build your own online school and workshops so you can then teach other people about what you love and how they can do the same.

Step 6

We teach you how to work only 4 days a month and host your workshops every 3 or 6 months. Yes, you read it right, 4 days a month while your team puts your entire business on automation so that you can take your life back.

Master YOur Creativity

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Creative Designer Videos

World Of


In a world that parallels our own yet exists in a alternate reality, there is a man who resides in the desert ruins of his own creation. A “rebel to the protocol”, the self proclaimed “Renegade of Art” & “The ÜberEmcee”, KaY RunnA carries himself as the embodiment of art. Plagued by his own demons and tormented by a dark past, he utilizes his spiritually derived "gifts" and natural artistic talents by infusing every form of art at his disposal to paint the picture of the alternate reality in which his mind resides, the ÜberVûrs. A place of sheer creative madness, where art reigns supreme in its natural untampered form, his sole purpose is to create a world in which he and his love for art can live in sanctimonious harmony for the sake of the audience of this world understanding his reality and for the sake of his humanity.


ÜberVûrs Galilea

God of Madness


Rise of the Uber Emcee

 KaY RunnA’s debut album, Rise Of The ÜberEmcee, is designed to be a master class in raw lyrical talent, skill, emotional depth, and at its peak, sheer creative musical genius. This no holds barred, high octane, fire down all cylinders, lyrical extravaganza only comes once in a lifetime…live in the moment and make it count.

The Future is Now

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Lifestyle tailor

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Lifestyle Concierge

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To live a life of love and fulfillment is to know peace in the mist of the storm. Life is that storm...and I have found my peace in it.

kirkland Fluellen

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