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Interview With Christopher Marc

In the Interviews is where  Freelancers , Creators, Influencers, Start-ups, and Small business share build their own brand with our community.

Hello,Dreamers I'm Trinity

At the tender age of 29, Trinity is a established artist of many sorts including photography, singing and modeling, with 5 years total under her belt as a model. With a strong affinity for photography, Trinity looks to own her own in home studio to be able to hone in on her craft and take it things up a notch to reach that next level of fulfillment. Artist are often times in tune with people and their emotions, this talent allows for their art to become full of life and touch many people who may lay their eyes upon the artist work. But beyond the work, an artist can become more affectionate towards the people that surround them, its because of this, Trinity wants people to love themselves and help them feel confident and good about who they are.

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