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Hi, my name is Tiesha, also known as Esh Love. I am a lover of many forms of art but the art that God has bestowed upon me is the gift to draw, write and sing. Growing up, me, along with my four sisters and one brother, were on many youth ministries. I enjoyed every aspect of the ministry, but singing in the choir brought me the most joy. Singing for the Lord is where my heart is, I love to sing the gospel and write gospel songs as well. Back in 2013 was the start of what felt like a never-ending chain of life altering events, the worst of them all was May 1, 2016, when I was in a serious car accident. Throughout the years of heartache and painful events, I would begin writing in a journal. In this journal, I would write prayers and encouraging poems to get me through each moment. As the years went on, I would begin to look back at some of my writings realizing that my writing wasn’t just a coping mechanism, but yet another gift from God. I believe art is everything. It’s because of this, I love being creative in everything I do, from how I do my hair and makeup, to how I dress. I have a team I work with every day were we take the creative artistic minds of others and take them to places that they never been before. No matter the form of art you have been gifted with, art can be a powerful holistic healing medicine that can be used as a tool to help not only yourself but others. I’m a living testimony to the healing power of one’s artistic gifts. I see the gifts of artistically diverse people from all around the world coming together and all of us using our gifts to heal one heart, one mind and one soul at a time.


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