The Crown is the upper echelon that governors the functionality of the Dreamer SocietyThe Crown was created as a way to protect and shield Dreamers from the negative energies of the world in order to guide them on the path towards utopia.The Crown is the embodiment of a cosmic empire built on the visions of Kings and Queens across multiple realms to establish an entity to control the test of time. Without the Crown, the beauty of creativity will eventually fade away into a Milky Way of cosmic darkness.The Crown Jewel is a way of multiple Kings and Queens to come together to make sure the path towards enlightenment maintains a balance in the realms of creativity.

The Crown

Christopher Marc

 Artist / President C.E.O. & Founder( Independent Dreamer Consultant) 

Latoya Brewington

Artist/ Creative Director/Motivation and Social Coordinator 

Kirkland Fluellen

Artist/Event and Motivational Management Coordinator 


Artist/ Online Teaching Instructor 

Johnathan Z. Flynn

Artist/ Social Coordinator/ Network Conceirge 

Glen Davis

Artist / Director Social of Emotional Development


Artist/ Social Coordinator 

Sarah Payne

Artist Social & Visual Coordinator 

Angelica Spilis

Artist/  Dreamer’s Society Reporter/ Social Coordinator 

DaKari Oliver

Artist/Motivational Speaking/Information Coordinator


Misa Blue


Joy Nicole

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