Artist Bio

Haylee Warner is a performance artist and community activist currently located in Philadelphia, with a B.F.A. in Dance from The University of the Arts. She has held multiple positions within the Philadelphia community; an former intern at The Iron Factory, and a previous employee of MarkerJawn at The Free Library. She has attended multiple workshops including La Pocha Nostra’s summer school in Tijuana in 2015, The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance in 2013 and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2011. Haylee’s performance history has included Raphstravaganza at Philadelphia’s City Hall, HATCH at the Performance Garage (PHL), Philly Files under direction of Faustin Linyenkula at The Painted Bride (PHL), ZOCO and La Pocha Nostra’s open salon in Tijuana, Dis(place)ment benefit concert at St. Kevin’s Arcade in Auckland, along with numerous University of the Arts Spring and Winter Concerts.

Artistic Statement

I am an artist interested in work that surfaces from personal unease, or fear. I feel it is critical to explore these uncomfortable ideas to grow as a person and artist. I create through academic and physical research. I look for historical and contemporary contexts where these ideas have existed to understand how I am currently experiencing these subjects. Most often these subjects personal and political, dealing with various “isms” that people press against everyday.
I have two main objectives when creating. First, I try to find a new way to view the subject. I am interested in challenging the conceived notions of how art should be experienced. By this I mean the audience or spectator on one side of the art, and the performer or physical object on the other. I am looking to create an experience for the participant, something that engages them. How can I include the audience in the choreography? What is their role? How can I remove the idea of an observing, spectating audience? Secondly, I am interested in intersectionality within the subjects explored and within the mediums used to create the work. I believe collaboration is extremely important to the artistic process. It allows for more possibility for greater impact. Most of my art evolves from a place of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Yoga Bio

I began practicing yoga in 2007 in my hometown of York, PA as a meditative experience and as a cross training to dance. Yoga became a regular and grounding practice so I decided to pursue my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 from The Yoga Garden, Philadelphia PA. Since then I have received a certification in Pediatric Yoga from Summit Education, completed a 100 hour Advanced Training from Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, and in January 2017 I took a foundational course in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through Transformation Yoga Project. I graduated from The University of the Arts with a B.F.A. in dance. I currently teach in Philadelphia, PA at Bleeding Heart Yoga, Healing Arts Collective, Equilibrium Dance Academy and occasionally at the Yoga Garden. I love guiding people to be further in touch with their bodies and their selves. On my own time I study essential oil and crystal healing along with meditation and various other physical disciplines.
I teach a body friendly vinyasa yoga practice with a focus on unifying the breath, body and mind. I fuse my classes with my knowledge in dance, pilates, gyrokinesis, bodypathways and franklin method to allow for a dynamic and fluid flow.


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