Welcome to the realm of creativity


  1. What donations to the Patreon are used for,
  • Dreamers Society news (interviews artist entrepreneurs people in need and students in local community)
  • Poetic fashion
  • Magazine, newspaper, films, videos, phenomenon (collaborative arts)
  • Offices to conduct our holistic development classes
  • Provide christopher Marc the resources needed to help Dreamers (website bills etc )

2. What resources does Christopher Marc provides?

  • Private travel club (discount on Restaurants and shopping)Insurance (health, life, home, and auto)
  • Essential services (discounts on electric, gas, phone, cable, internet, merchant services)
  • Holistic development coaching- build a financial Motivational foundation so that our members can generate income automatically and remains on auto pilot so they focus on their passion.
  • Personal assistant and management team
  • Marketing 
  • Branding
  • Website


3. How do we provide these resources?

  • By partnering with well-established companies schools , institutes colleges  and local business in the community to provide the important resources to our members

4. What does this do for artists?

  • These resources will help provide a foundation and support system to build their dreams upon. Allowing the artist to continue pursuing their dreams.

5. Why someone should donate to Christopher Marc?

  • Those who donate will help themselves by solidifying a foundation to uplift the aspiring artist, entrepreneurs, people in need, and students in their local community.