Philadelphia’s own- Mikee White, is multi-talented artist, songwriter, instrumentalist born July 12, 1981.  He developed a strong passion and tenacity for creative and performing arts at young age. Like many, his musical journey began in church. Mikee could found twiddling melodies with piano keys, beating the heck out of a drum set or leading choruses with his soulful and empowering vocals since age 4.  

Of all talents, White’s voice is the most lethal and expressive. He developed a very loyal fan base captivating audiences of all ages. In 2003, he attracted the attention of Kenny Smooth of Paper boy Record and signed his first recording contract as a singer within the group (PHI). PHI’s music has been featured on the internet and radio stations worldwide.

Over and beyond music, Mikee White is a self-taught playwright. In 2005, White decided to take a break from music to cultivate his writing abilities. Since then, He has written, performed, directed and produced 10 critically acclaimed musical productions. Whether on stage or in the studio, White continues to shine. His unwavering love for entertainment has always been driven by his desire to share his God-Given gione performance at a time.–

Looking at the world one lens at a time 📷📹

Mikee White

Head of Sales , Intel


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
Tommy Rivers
UI / UX Designer


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