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Are you ready to be tailor made?

Lifestyle Tailor Program

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Hello Dreamers, My name is Marcus Christian A.K.A. Christopher Marc, I’m an Executive Lifestyle Tailor, artist, advocate for freelancers, influencers, creators, small businesses, and start-ups to rebuild themselves and to start, grow, manage, and build their own brands; as well as, the creator and founder of The Collective Institute. I’m here to support and teach creators and entrepreneurs how to start, grow and manage their brand and lifestyle. To join our community is free, that way you can learn how to take your life back. Book your free consultation today!

Christopher Marc

Lifestyle Tailor

Lifestyle Tailor Program

We are a Collective Institute where we help Freelancers, Influencer, Creators, Coaches , and Consultants

 rebuild their personal lives and build their own brand Through our Lifestyle Tailor Program.

Are your ready to be tailor made?


Build Your Own Brand

We will help you build your own brand
-Teach you how to become a Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Consultant and Lifestyle Concierge
-We help you start, grow and manage your brand and your lifestyle
-You will also have access to and be able to leverage a community of freelancers, influencers, creators, start-ups, and small businesses to support, partner, sponsors and help run the daily operation of your brand and lifestyle.



Our mentor memebrship is for people who are looking for guidance on how to build and protect your vison.


Rebuild Yourself

 Rebuilding yourself is our Personal Development Coaching Where we help you rebuild yourself into the person you are destined to be.

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