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On October 26, 2019, from 10 am -3pm, Christopher Marc and his team will conduct a  Lifestyle Development Workshop to teach you all the required skills to design and develop your very own lifestyle.  

-This is a free introductory Lifestyle Development Workshop

Things you’ll take away from our workshop:

-You will learn from our lifestyle coaches what your passion, purpose, and professional calling is. 

-You will learn how to build a business the correct way and learn how to unitize the best resources based upon your budget. 

-You will learn the importance of health and wellness and how the lifestyle you create determines the level of success for your business. 

Leave your Marc on the World

Create your Genius

Christopher Marc

As The Avant Garde of Arts, Christopher Marc has created an Institution of Holistic Millennial Synergy seeking to continue the legacy of the original Avant-Garde movement. His mission is to create a foundation to support artists and entrepreneurs, so they can find their purpose by taking their hobby/passion and turning it into a professional calling. With the goal of helping you tailor your business to match your dreams, Christopher Marc will help you to start your own online business with the need of only a 4 day a month work schedule. Having experience in Holistic, Professional, Business and Executive DevelopmentCareer Strategy,  Visionary Director, a Published Author, Global Marketing StrategistWeb DeveloperMassage TherapistPerforming Artists, and Lifestyle Concierge, Christopher Marc has all the necessary tools needed to help you leave your Marc on the world. 

Kirkland "KaY RunnA" Fluellen

Born and raised in Philadelphia and later living in New Jersey, Kirkland has come across many people with diverse backgrounds, giving him an understanding of people from many walks of life. His experiences have helped shape and mold him into the artist of many styles that he is today (music, drawing, painting, instruments, etc.). With over 15 years of experience under his belt, he looks to help artist to develop their own coaching & consulting business. His mission is to help support artist so they can learn how to turn their hobby/passion into a career where they can help better the lives of their fellow artist. As the founder and CEO of ÜberVûrs Advanced Arts, he seeks to use his classes and support team to push the arts to the forefront by expressing it’s importance in not only our personal lives but in our communities and our society at large. ÜberVûrs Advanced Arts does this by specializing in bringing all of the arts together in its various forms to express the complexity of emotions, the genius in creativity, human behavior and connectivity between us all, and the beauty of the arts as a undivided whole.


Growing up in the mean streets of New York and currently residing in Philadelphia, Yirelis has a vast knowledge and understanding of the correlation between the streets, art and the importance of expressing those feelings in a positive environment. With the desire to turn her passions for the arts, emotional healing and expression, Yirelis created the her company, What’s Your Realis. With the express idea of tapping into a persons inner desires, goals and dreams, she uses her company as a way of holistic cleansing, as well as, spiritual enlightenment for her clients. As a Holistic Quantum Strategist, she can help you to build the identity and frequency of your energy that you are looking to convey to the world so that you may blossom and bloom into the beautiful entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

Bella Demone

Bella Demoné is a Philadelphia model who has been active in the local fashion industry since 2010. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated from George Washington high school. Through her many years of experience, Bella has a diverse portfolio that ranges from urban street gear to the class and sophistication of elegant formal wear. Her hard work and dedication paved the way for her to actively participate in runway shows, promotional events and modeling contests throughout the Delaware Valley. In addition to her modeling, Bella also donates to children’s hospitals and works with organizations against bullying. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she looks to give back to her community by helping the runway models of the future learn all of the proper modeling etiquettes, as well as offer them the opportunities to display their artistic talents by way of her magazine, runway shows and through teaching them how to establish their own businesses to become the modeling queens of tomorrow.

Mikee White

Mikee White is a multi-talented recording artist, songwriter, producer, stage director, and actor who has made a strong positive musical statement throughout Philly’s, Gospel, Soul, R&B, and Pop music market. His boundless positive energy & dedication to his craft speaks volumes, as does his vast talent, as evidenced by the enormously positive reaction to his original songs. His passion and talents lie not only within these genres as a singer/musician but also extends to musical stage presentations, by way of his directing, producing, filming, and acting in a series of thrilling and popular productions in and around the Philadelphia area, including the popular plays “Back To The Basics” and “Not 2 Young”. Mikee’s huge love for music comes from how it makes him feel inside, as well as the manner in which others positively react when he delivers it. His musical influences include Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Daryl Coley. With his diverse skill set, if your looking for someone to assist you in building out your vision and capturing all the right angles, then Mikee White is for you. 

Cliff Fluellen-Flynn

Born in Philadelphia, raised in New Jersey, Cliff has a unique understanding of both the urban and suburban lifestyles. Having experience in the fields of dancing, music, people, and in mixology, he turned himself into The Cosmopolitan, the king of flavors for the evening. Being the hands on, in depth and caring teacher that he is with a keen attention to detail, he will show you the ways of how to become the cosmetologist through his learning workshops. Or, if you seek to utilize his services instead, then he can transform any event into a fantasy of decadence for you to bathe and seduce your guests from dusk to dawn. If you are looking to bring your event to life with stylist class, please reach out Cranberry, A Sunset Affair.

Keisha Guilford

Growing up in the New York, life can be fast paced, making it easy to forget the simple things such as giving yourself a little bit of much needed “you” time. Growing up in the Big Apple, whether personally or through meeting people in passing, Keisha knows this all too well. Despite her surroundings, Keisha has made sure to keep herself in positive spirits no matter the situation. The happiness that she naturally exudes made her realize that this is a feeling that everyone deserves to feel and that happiness should be contagious! With that thought in mind coupled with the strong desire to help people find happiness at every stage of their lives, Keisha created “A Little Bit of Sunshine”! Her mission, to help people formulate clear and focus goals and objectives that will radically change their lives in the years to come. Offering over the phone support from her team as well as creative workshops to attend, Keisha will walk with you every step of the way to help you discover the life you have always dreamed of.

Tadonna Nagle

With a passion for education and finance, Tadonna has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years. In that time, she has noticed in most of her clients, individuals and companies alike, there’s a disconnect in demographics pertaining to financial education. Noticing the rarity of conversation about personal finance in the schools and in homes, Tadonna’s mission is to help shrink the wealth gap, help families to build a financial legacy and to empower individuals and families alike on financial literacy.

“I’m here to educate on the importance of financial literacy, once people are given the tools and education they need to take control of their finances and leave a legacy of abundance, the wealth gap will surely close.” ~ Tadonna Nagale

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