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We Don't just build dreams we re-invent reality

We are here to mentor, coach, and manage creators and entrepreneurs how to turn their  hobby / passion into their /professional calling .

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The Crown

Society Bureau of Beau Monde

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How to get started

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Let us lay the foundation of your business so we can grow with you.

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The Faces Behind your Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

The Crown


Holistic Quantum Strategist
  • Brand Consulting 
  • Holistic Health and Wellness 
  • Non Profit Organization  
  • High School
  • Learning Institutes 
  • College 
  • Online Students 


Creative Architectural Strategist
  • Visual Artist
  • Music 
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Dance
  • Street Artist 
  •  Performance Arts 
  • Film 
  • Comics
  • Gaming 
  • Horticulture 

Bella Demoné

La Fashionista
  • Fashion 
  • Hair 
  • Make-up 
  • Accessories 
  • Photography 
  • Cosplay 
  • Skateboarding 
  • Bmx 
  • Rollerskating
  • Motorcycles 
  • Cars

Christopher Marc

Lifestyle Tailor
  • Freelancers 
  • Influencers 
  • Creators 
  • Start-up
  • Small Business 

meet the True Believers

The Crown Dynasty

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Chanel Parks

Chanel Ashely

Tadonna Nagle

Legendary Wealth Builders

Mikee White

Lets Focus On you


Philly Sirens


Just Chet

Kiesha Guilford

A little bit of Sunshine



Sharon White

Sharon White Consulting

Belle Williams


Latoya Brewington

Latoya Brewington Consulting

Clifford Fluellen Flynn


Glen Annise Davis

Annise Organic Healing

Welcome to the age of the Modern Renaissance

Are You Ready to build your legacy

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