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Through our Dream Maven Membership Coaching Program  you will learn how to start your own business by becoming a Dream Maven 

What is a Dream Maven 

  • Personal Development Strategist 
  • Business Tailor 
  • Lifestyle Concierge 

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Our Services

Personal Development Strategist

A person who helps you to develop a strategy to have a cohesive person life.

Business Tailor

A person who customizes your business to fit your vision and tailor it to match your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Concierge

Someone who manages your personal and business lifestyle so you can have time to do what you love and always dreamed of.

Who is it for?

Have you ever wondered what your life would feel like if you lived it on your own terms? You no longer have to imagine the possibilities, this course is aimed at those who are seeking to turn your hobby/Passion into a career, start your own online company, work a 4 day a month work schedule, travel the world in your leisure and help other people do the same.

our team of Professors

Kirkland Fluellen

Artistic & Music Development Strategist Business Tailor/ Lifestyle Concierge

The Renegade Of Art, Kirkland “KaY RunnA” Fluellen offers a unique way of opening the class up to their inner creative as well as their spiritual self, Kirkland provides his students the opportunity to venture into the world that lies within and bring in to the forefront for the consumption of the world abroad.

Marcus Christian

Personal & Career Development Strategist, Business Tailor/ Lifestyle Concierge

The Savant of Savior Faire himself, Marcus Christian offers his students the chance to completely change their financial standing as well as tap into the core of who they are and use it as a spring board to launch their company allowing for financial confidence and spiritual satisfaction.

Chanel Ashely

Beauty&Wellnness Development Strategist Business Tailor/Lifestyle Concierge

 The Princess of Vintage Chic, Chanel Ashley can and will teach you how to embrace the beauty, brains and fitness of all her students in order to walk with the Vanity of  elegance and the vogue of eloquent  swag.

“Before joining the  Dreamers society, I had my direction in terms of where I wanted to go but I didn’t know how to take the first step needed to get me on the right path. Joining the Dreamers Society changed all of that for me, now I am exactly where I want to be.”

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