Become A True Believer
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Dream Academy
Welcoem to the Dream Academy where you can learn how to become a Dreamer Consultant Program
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Universe City
University is where you will find a Dreamer Consultant you can learn from
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True Believers Hope Love

Are you a True Believer?

We are one heartbeat in the darkness. We are one answered hope. We are one unbroken promise. We are a dream come true. United together we are true believers.

Below you can choose a member you would like to support while building your vision 

What is a True Believer?

True believer is our membership portion of our dreamer’s society. It provides a financial, motivational, and resource support system. The goal is to help each individual build financial stability and confidence by helping their dreams to become a reality. We will help each member, artist and entrepreneur support each other’s dream financially and creatively, while providing affordable access to the everyday essentials of life. Each membership includes free access to our art inspired events, and a personal assistant to help each member build their dreams.

People In Need

A member who would like to build income for trips, alternative source of income, and fundraisers/charity.


A member that is looking for grants, scholarships and additional income so that students are not in dept as a result of seeking further education.


A member that is looking to take their idea or vision and turn it into a service or product that is now declared as a for profit or nonprofit business.


A member who is looking to market their creative style as a service or product in order to build income.