Health & Wellness

Infinity Health & Wellness Center

OUR PHILOSOPHY Life can be fast-paced and demanding; sometimes you’re in a hurry to feel 100% again. And the economic struggle forces us to take inventory of our most basic commodity: Our Health. These days, Our Health is Our Wealth! To remain competitive we must feel and look healthy and vibrant. Finding the time to seek advice on nutritional and wellness issues can be challenging, but the alternative can affect your performance and could lead to more serious health issues.

Gentle Health & Wellness Center

At Philadelphia’s Gentle Health and Wellness Center, we make sure each patient receives individual attention based on their body’s unique needs. We offer an extensive array of trusted traditional services of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Therapeutic Massage. We also offer cutting edge treatments such as Low Level Laser Therapy, Anodyne Therapy, and Kinesio Tape. It is our passion, as well as our mission, to ease our patients’ pain and improve their well-being!


Edwards Holistic Health & Wellness

Providing Traditional Naturopathy Healthcare, by specializing in finding the reason for illness, reversing the health challenges, removing toxins, managing pain and discomfort, instructing you in healthy nutrition along with better habits.
Thus, bringing the body into balance again as a whole, so it can begin to repair and heal itself to once  again being a healthy individual.

Stephen Klein Wellness Center

The Stephen Klein Wellness Center is committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of people who are currently homeless, formerly homeless, and people living in our North Philadelphia community. Stephen Klein Wellness Center offers primary medical care, psychiatric services, nurse care management, individual, couples and group counseling, peer-led outreach and care coordination, healing touch, on-site legal counseling, and assistance with applying for health insurance benefits.

Welcome to RIVA Health + Wellness 

Your Daily Escape for Luxury Spa Treatments

Tucked within Philadelphia’s most dynamic neighborhood resides the means to an ever-elusive end: total wellbeing. RIVA Health + Wellness is the seamless integration of fitness, nutrition, luxury spa therapy treatments and eastern and western medicine distilled down to a hyper-personalized program. When your needs can shift by the day, a destination that’s designed to be every bit as responsive is well overdue.