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These next few sentences mean the most to me. I come from some small country town somewhere in middle Georgia where it’s very slow paced and everyone knows everyone. I am a Libra raised on old fashion principles and taught  to always remain humble. The goofy indecisive individual soul who’s still a work in progress yet willing to lend a hand when possible, the type of brother who’d end up in the most unlikely of places and be respected and accepted describes me in a nutshell. If you took time to read this I applaud you and thank you. Here’s how I got into music. My mother can sing and my father was and still is a big influence on most people he’d come in contact with. When it came to music I played a few instruments I enjoyed performing in front of large audiences early from kindergarten plays to later in years performing hip hop on stage. Musically influenced by cash money and no limit I came up during the early trap era of Atlanta being the capital city in my state it’s just a few miles away. My upbringing was unorthodox in a good way. Growing up in my city it was easy to make the wrong choices and I’ve made my share but it gained me respect and influence for all the wrong reasons. I chose to use my influence for good and in turn that allowed me to chance my life. My influence even expanded into working with several  hip hop heavyweights. I enjoy giving back to my community and what better way to do it than art?

Erin Grant

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Artist Development will allow me and team to help you to learn how to create time and have time to grow the vision have for your life.

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With our Lifestyle Development program you can create the lifestyle of your dreams by finding your professional calling and building the life of your dreams from the ground up by working with my team

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$75 an hour/ session

Artistic Consulting/freelance work
10 hours

A consultant who assists you in improving your creative output.

Artistic Coaching / freelance work
5 hours

Someone who offers coaching support to help you build up your creativity.

Mentor Coaching session /freelance work
2 hours

Our Mentor Coaching is designed to equip you with someone who is experienced and trustworthy and has the ability to unlock your hidden potential.


Lifestyle Development Program


Are you ready to redesign your lifestyle

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When you join our community you will have the support you need to create and build the life you have always dreamed of. Take back you life and show the world how rare you are. creating the life of you dreams will help support my visions.

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Erin Grant

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