Creative Realm of Arts is a Dream Academy Foundation geared towards the support of the inexperienced & creative individuals with the intent to be a part of films/theatrical performances, fashion shows, poetic fashion magazines, and much more. We help build ideas for dreamers and artists and provide business guidance for future entrepreneurs. Our academy is open to the naturally talented and those who require structural guidance towards their dreams. C.A.S.E.D. is a program we developed to assist in building self confidence in those particular individuals who look for hands on experience by connecting with seasoned artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers to use as role models. A.I.B.P (The Arts Inspired by Philadelphia) events & the Creative Realm of Arts hold a charitable dream world fundraiser to partner with other organizations, foundations, and causes to raise donations to share evenly with each entity. Any funds raised through donations and grants will help those who sign up to go back to school for learning programs or pay for classes to help mold their passion. Upon completion of the C.A.S.E.D. program, participants will receive a certification to become a True Believer.