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Bella Demoné

Photography by Christopher Marc
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Bella Demoné is a Philadelphia model who has been active in the local fashion industry since 2010. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated from George Washington high school. Through her many years of experience, Bella has a diverse portfolio that ranges from urban street gear to the class and sophistication of elegant formal wear. Her hard work and dedication paved the way for her to actively participate in runway shows, promotional events and modeling contests throughout the Delaware Valley. In addition to her modeling, Bella also donates to children’s hospitals and works with organizations against bullying. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she looks to give back to her community by helping the runway models of the future learn all of the proper modeling etiquettes, as well as offer them the opportunities to display their artistic talents by way of her magazine, runway shows and through teaching them how to establish their own businesses to become the modeling queens of tomorrow.

Bella Demoné

Fashion Coach

La Fashionista

Bella Demoné

Reach girl....Reach! There is nothing limiting your abilities to succeed...


$75 an hour/ session


  • Fashion Coach 
  • Fashion Model
  • Acting 
  • Influencer Marketing 
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Interview with Christopher Marc

In this interview we  will Talk about how i got started? what is it like being apart of  The Dreamer’s Society and where i see my company going.


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