Dreamers Diary



the world inside our city

Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love” and also referred to as “The City of Neighborhoods”. Philly has always had an abundance or rich history as well as a incomparable love for the arts. The cities love for the arts is evident from the few blocks span on South Broad st. titled “The Avenue of the Arts”, to the many art programs scattered throughout the city. One of them being the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, with whom we have to thank for earning Philly the prestigious honor of “World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery”. With all these things being said, the city still struggles in regard to being held up along side other prominent “Cities of Art” in the world, cities such as Paris, Tokyo, London, or New York City just to name a few. There is a plethora of beautiful starving talent just waiting to be unearthed in the Greater Philadelphia area, my question is, where do we start in our excavating process to bring forth these gems and jewels to elevate the cities talents to the broader art world?

Dreamer’s Societies solution:
The Dreamers Society looks to be that answer by bringing them all to one place…almost like a art utopia.
Bring them to one spot where they can collaborate, share, trade and enjoy one another’s talents, skills, and services as well as be advertised by the Society. Will it be easy, no, it’s something that’s gonna take time. The more the art world knows about what the Society can do, the better! In doing that, I firmly believe that Philadelphia’s starving artist community can be uplifted and showcased to the world at large all in a online artistic haven.

The communities thoughts:
Those are the ideas of the Society, but not everyone thinks the same, so, I would like to open the floor up to you. What are your thoughts on what can help in solving some of these issues that the Philadelphia art scene has.


standing out in a room alone

This beautiful city I call home has always been one of the premier cities in America. With Philly being one of the countries largest cities, it goes without saying that you’ll find a bustling downtown scene, a lot of people along the street, along with crowded stores and shops to go into. With that scene comes the up and coming young entrepreneurs as well as the seasoned vets of the entrepreneurial world. One group is looking to embark on a new venture, seeking longevity in their respective business and success in a dog eat dog world while the “OG’s” use their knowledge and wisdom of the world they know to continue their “leg up” on the competition. But its a little different with Philly compared to other cities, that difference being Philly is one of the biggest poor cities in America today. With knowing that little piece of information along with the fact that most business fail within the first 18 months, it begs the question of what can these young, fresh entrepreneurs do to make a name? Most would think to go to the OG’s for tips and advice but truth is not to many are always willing to share that information…not without some type of payoff for themselves. In a world we’re most of the businesses that have been around for years are beginning to close their doors, it might make those “seasoned vets” a little less inclined to share due to them worrying if it will even be helpful to you. Truth of the matter is, there is one culprit to the problems of most entrepreneurs, young and old alike…money. Either your not making enough, spending to much to make up for what your not making, or both. With that being said, is there a sound way of helping out entrepreneurs, new and old alike?

Dreamer’s Societies solution:
The solution isn’t always as clear cut as some would hope but first things first, let’s put the power back into the hands of the business owners. One thing that the Society does is helps you organize your business better to get it running like the well oiled machine it should be. With the right resources in place, business owners can share the load in a more cost effect, efficient manner. The most important aspect is to make sure to have a stream of income coming in on the back end at all times. With a set up like that, the likelihood of success goes up because you’ll be generating a stream of income at all times. Then things such as marketing costs won’t be as much of a hassle. By setting up these business owners with companies such as Marketing 360, your marketing expenses won’t be as brutal on the pockets. With the Dreamer Society being essentially a one stop shop, you’ll be able to constantly earn as well as be cost effect as well. The more we all pull our resources and work together, things can and will shift in the right direction, it’s just a matter of if you young hungry entrepreneurs see the value of opportunity that awaits.

The communities thoughts:
Most people don’t think about this often, but truth of the matter is, entrepreneurs are very instrumental in our communities. Depending on what they specialize in selling, their product can directly effect the community around them. What measures do you think the entrepreneurs of old and new can do to change the climate of how they operate so that they can run a more successful company? Please, leave your thoughts below, I look forward to hearing from you guys.

People in Need

turning a dream in to a universe

Non-profits, you can literally find a non-profit organization for any group of people that needs one. From helping the poor and hungry, to helping shelter animals, to helping out artist, you name it, there is probably a non-profit for it. In Philly, you can find a non-profit at every degree that you can turn your head…the only problem with these organizations is that most people don’t know they even exist. How can a artist get a grant for their unique set of skills if they don’t know what tools are out here for them? I was at a community gathering this past weekend at a local community church in South Philly. The SPIN Coalition (a non-profit organization) put on the event which featured 3 non-profits, along with two other speakers from different institutions, on a panel addressing the people of the community about problems in the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods of the city. Everyone on the panel had the fire and passion of someone needed to make the difference needed…do you know how many people from the community was there to listen? Eight…their were eight people from the community there including me. When the presenter of the gathering called out to the audience to express how we felt or to see if we had questions, I raised my hand. I decided to give a suggestion that could not only help the organizations on the panel but also all non-profits. I told them that unity between each organization is the key to making all the difference necessary. Create one place, a hub or haven even, where people can go and find all the information needed to know about each and everyone of their programs. Reasonably enough, they agreed, but that doesn’t change the fact that we need a reasonable answer to this issue. How can any community really be uplifted by the organizations that are there to help if the information isn’t being adequately relayed to the public?

Dreamer’s Societies solution:
The world lives on the internet, most of you are either on a computer or phone reading this now. The best way for people to know what’s going on in the community is to put the information right in front of them. The Society has a place, no…a home, for every non-profit organization you can think of. A section were they can have a profile that will get promoted and send out alerts about what community events will be going on in the future on their calendar, that way you and everyone else is informed. With knowing that people want to make a difference, weather they are apart of a non-profit or just want to participate in helping, it makes me feel better that the information can be relayed at a quicker and easier pace. It won’t be perfect, it won’t make everything go away overnight but to me personally, I believe it’s a decent start to getting people aware of what’s going on and sparking some interest back into wanting to get out and helping others.

The communities thoughts:
The non-profits are fighting part of the battle…half of that battle was won by getting together to make an organization that is willing to care and give back to the community but that’s not enough. They need assistance in their fight to give back to the people who need it the most. I would love to hear from you guys and see what your thoughts are on how we can relay the information in a more effect and direct way to the people of each community.


hardwork is hard to pay off

College! The next step in your schooling career after your many long awaited years of graduating to receive your high school diploma and to become an adult. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that there is nothing more important than furthering your education. It’s literal exercise for the brain and it keeps the mind sharp and acute, plus certain degrees are needed to be qualified for specific jobs that are out there, so if your looking to be a brain surgeon…be prepared for a few more years of schooling. The major concern of anyone furthering their education comes down to one thing…how are they going to pay for it. Unless you were born into a inheritance or have the money by some other means to pay for your classes out right, you probably will go about it the same way as most people do and that’s through a loan. Loans single handily is the reason why most people have to work until retirement. They will get you through school but paying them off is the hard part. Let’s say you want to go to school to further your education but don’t want to go the route of having a loan, what do you do?

Dreamer’s Societies solution:
With being apart of the Dreamer Society, you will be set up with the tools needed to build a strong financial foundation to help you pay for your classes or you can even be helped by starting a campaign via crowdfunding to help you raise money to get you through college. Through your Dream Letter, which is a 5 year timeline of what your goals are and where you want to be, you will be promoted and people will have the choice to be apart of your cause and support you. Will everyone support you, probably not, but it’s a start to raising awareness of someone who is in need of assistance and looking to do something good with their lives. If the crowdfunding idea doesn’t work for you, then that’s fine, your profile will be littered with ways you can earn a stream of income without much work at all, and you can earn while you take classes. It’s not perfect and though the name may imply to most, it’s no dream. It does require a little time and not to much effort and cuts out the option of debt, in my humblest of opinions, it beats the alternative.

The communities thoughts:
Students are pivotal to shaping the world of tomorrow, but under most circumstances, they do it at a cost. In what ways do you think we can help give back to the college students of today to lighten there load tomorrow?