~Together we are a Rainbow of Inspiration~

"The Society has been the best experience in my life. During my time with the Society, I have truly learned what it means to have holistic healing in my life on a mental and spiritual level. While working with the Society, I have been able to explore, experience and fulfill all of my artistic endeavors and dreams and give back to the people, as well as enjoy, explore and live life on my own terms."
My experience with the Dreamer Society has been pretty exciting! I’ve had the opportunity of playing leading roles in stage productions that I might not have otherwise had the chance to be in. With those experiences I’ve learned a lot about the creative process and it has really given me a better overall appreciation not only for what goes into the process of putting on a production but as well as a better since of who I am artistically. Overall, I would say that it’s been a life altering experience that I’m grateful for being apart of.”
“I appreciate the Dreamers Society for what it is doing, not only for me but everyone. They have given me ways of generating more income for me and my family and have given me the chance to network and be in circles that I might not ordinary come across on my own. With were the economy is right now, it’s a good thing to know that there is an company that is really looking out for the little people, there communities and trying to make a real change, it gives me a sigh of relief and it just gives me a good feeling to apart of it.”
“If it wasn’t for Christopher Marc, I probably wouldn’t be as far as I am today with my dance team. Because of the opportunity I was given, it has opened the door for me to diversify and expand my company. Not only that but I love the idea and aspect of a company that gives back to the people as well as gives them essential tools needed to survive. The world is getting rougher but with the Avant Garde of Art, it feels like people will have a chance to believe in themselves and dream again, to me, thats a big thing.”
What is the Avant Garde?
The Avant Garde was a movement that started in 1825 to bring appreciation to artist and create support for artist that pushed the boundary and created new ideas. Fast forward to 2018, we now live in a world where technology is constantly advancing and people are looking to start companies but don’t know how or don’t have the support needed to build a stable foundation. Our focus here is to create a cross cultural social change by creating a system to unify and uplift communities through an artistic movement. Christopher Marc created this world for people to live out there dream today with  fulfillment!