Kay Runna


Name: Kirkland Fluellen
Artist name: KaY RunnA
From: Philadelphia, Pa.
Job Description:
CEO of Übervurs Entertainment
Executive Dreamer Consultant

Dream Letter

Who Am I.

My name is Kirkland Fluellen, I was born and raised in North Philadelphia but have also lived in Jersey for a number of years as well. I’ve been an artist of many styles (music, drawing, painting, instruments, etc.) for as long as I can remember and plan on embracing as many forms of art as I can because a piece of each art form that’s out there has been apart of my life and has been instrumental to my development as a adult. I have been actively working on developing my musical talents to higher levels for the past 14 years and have also taken up music production.



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What We Do

To live a life of love and fulfillment is to know peace in the mist of the storm. Life is that storm...and I have found my peace in it.
Kirkland Fluellen

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Kirkland Fluellen