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What is a Dreamers Society?

Welcome to The Avant-Garde of Arts Christopher Marc,

We are an Institution of Holistic Millennial Synergy who seeks to continue the legacy of the original Avant-Garde movement. Our mission is to create a foundation to support artists and entrepreneurs, so they can find their purpose by taking their hobby/passion and turning it into a Professional Calling. We will help you tailor your business to match your dream by helping you to start your own online business, school,  and mall .  with the help you business tailor and your support team, we will teach you how to start your own online business so you can work a 4 day a month work schedule. We refer to our company as a Dreamers Society to uplift, build and inspire dreams in local communities. Together we will display a new paradigm for the hidden talents of each city’s starving brilliance, by creating an ageless world for the modern renaissance.

Dream, Discover, Grow, Build, Explore

Who is this for?

Visual Arts, Fashion, Dance , hair ,make-up, music, street artists, film, Photography, Performance artist, accessories, start- up entrepreneurs

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Lifestyle Coaching

Sign up For Free When you join our social community collective, you will be added to our mailing list to receive invitations  to attend our events and have access to our monthly newspaper, C.C.N events for networking, classes/workshops, coaching, consulting, our online mall of start-up business services and much more. By contributing to these services provided, these efforts will provide support to our fellow artists & entrepreneurs in your local community.

Lifestyle Tailor

True Believers is for the aspiring artist who is looking to explore the outer limits and boundaries of their creativity. By providing a financial, motivational, and resource support system, this will allow for the artist to have all the time needed to explore the ins and outs of their creative palate. The goal is to help each individual build financial stability and confidence by helping their dreams to become a reality. We will help each dreamer, artist and entrepreneur support each other’s dreams financially and creatively while providing affordable access to the everyday essentials of life.

Lifestyle Concierge

Dream Maven is the launch pad for the young and hungry entrepreneurs of tomorrow to get their start today in our Coaching/Consulting Membership program for start-up entrepreneurs, Personal Development Coaching, Business Consulting, Donation Investors, and Lifestyle Concierges. By becoming a Dream Maven, you will have access to our online mall to build your own online school, your own web development, marketing, sales, and support team. By being a Dream Maven, you can customize your vision so you can finally bring your dream to life.



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