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Hello Dreamers Below you will see the option to learn what the dreamers is about, join us for our online event or attend our live events for artist and entrepreneurs to gain the support they are looking for.

Welcome to The Avant-Garde of Arts Christopher Marc,

We are a Collective Institution of Holistic Millennial Synergy who seeks to continue the legacy of the original Avant-Garde movement by building a Dreamers Society. Our mission here at the Dreamer Society is to create a platform that allows for artist and entrepreneurs to naturally grow and cultivate their vision/dream to create the future that they have always desired. By offering consulting, coaching through our workshops as well as management to our members, where we are able to create a strong foundation and provide the team needed to build the world you always dreamed of. Together, we will display a new paradigm for the hidden talents of each city’s starving brilliance, by creating an ageless world for the modern renaissance.

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In the Realm of creativity is where the beauty of passion can become Inspired - Christopher Marc

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